Rabu, 04 Januari 2017

Asyiknya Berwisata Sambil Belajar

Kebun Raya Baturraden

Dengan mengemban misi untuk mendukung konservasi tumbuhan dengan mengembangkan berbagai koleksi yang bermanfaat bagi kehidupan, mewujudkan sarana penelitian dan pendidikan lingkungan yang representatif, meningkatkan pengembangan wisata dan jasa lingkungan di kawasan Baturraden dan meningkatkan pendapatan serta kesejahteraan masyarakat melalui berbagai usaha kerjasama dan kemitraan, menjadikan Kebun Raya Baturraden ini bukan sekedar destinasi wisata alam yang indah, namun juga menjadi sarana edukasi bagi pengunjung yang datang. Tiket Rp 10k only. Asyiknya berwisata alam sambil belajar.

Minggu, 05 Juni 2016

News Article

Afternoon Tea, Visited A Chief Coordinator of English Education Program’s Life

Lecturer is one of the essential components in the system of higher education in Indonesia. Roles, duties and responsibilities of faculty is very important in realizing the goal of national education, educating the nation, and improving the quality of human resources in Indonesia. In addition, a woman lecturer has double duties in a campus and home. To take care of student and family.

At friday afternoon, we interviewed Mrs Tuti Purwati as a chief coordinator of English education program in Humanities Faculty, Jenderal Soedirman, Purwokerto. Actually English Education Program is new major in Humanities Faculty. She is also my  Business English’s lecture in class. She told us it’s the challenge for lecturers to get the major in a high accreditation. They are preparing for the accreditation.  “We hope this major can get B accreditation, even it’s still new, like Indonesia Education Program”. Initially, the duty of Chief Coordinator is academics, lecture schedule, textbook, in management level more. Because of it’s new major in this faculty, they have got problem about room. We have to borrow mandarin program’s room for making some duties. But, we will make them absolutely ready to face in direct field, teacher’s world with good attitude.

In addition to being a chief coordinator of english education program, and a lecturer, she is also a housewife. She takes care of her husband and children. At the first we interviewed her, we knew that she is religious person. Why? Because she puts more religion more to her children. She also take some discussion with her husband how to take them care. For example, she teaches her children to pray five times a day. Then she should practice it before and show them. Then they followed her. She told us to make them do what we want, we have to practice it before to make they understand. There was incredible happened. When her little daughter was five years old, she successfully completed fasting a month. Then she gave something as a reward. For example her daughter wants a bag in the store, so she bought it as a reward.

Senin, 23 Mei 2016

Book Review


Author : Sanoesi Pane
Publisher : Balai Pustaka
Country : Indonesia
Pages : 70 pages

Airlangga is a drama in three parts. This book tells about conflicted between Airlangga and her daughter Sanggrama Wijayatunggadewi. Airlangga wanted to give the throne to Sanggrama, but her daughter rejected her father.
This book was written in Dutch language and published in magazine “Timboel” with the same title. The author Das Chall had been translated into Indonesian language with a lyric prose style like we enjoy it only to Sanoesi Pane. Indonesian writer.

This book is a drama that divided into three parts.  
-Part I

        Airlangga as the main character in this story did a fight to make the biggest kingdom in Java. He worked hard to make it perfect like what he wanted. But over time, he was getting old. Then he wanted to give the throne to her daughter Sanggrama Wijayatunggadewi. But her daughter said no. Because she just wanted to live in a peace as a recluses. Then Airlangga got angry and he didn’t know what he had to do.

-Part II

In a specific time, the older prince and the youngest prince, Airlangga’s sons were fight each other to get the throne while Sanggrama didn’t want to take the throne. After that Airlangga was gave up. He didn’t want to life again. How could was he? He blamed his-self for everything that was happened. He wanted to run somewhere, far away from the kingdom, far away from those people.

-Part III

Finally in this part, Airlangga met Arya Bharad, his old friend. He was a great recluses ever. Arya Bharad was waking him up, tried to open his eyes. But Airlangga was a stubborn person, it’s hard to make him better. But Arya Bharad was also a great person, he can not let him gave up just like that. He is his besfriend. Arya Bharad told him his glories era, before Airlangga became the biggest king in the east. His worked hard was excellent. Not everyone can did it. He tried to remember his mission, his vision, his dream to make Java be better.

~ This book, Airlangga, drama in three parts is really interesting book. This book invite us to ancient time when people especially in our country, Indonesia, was in Majapahit’s era. And the era of Majapahit's Kingdom was the most awesome era. Airlanngga as the main character in this story. He is my favorite actor in this story. Because he had a good spirit, responsibility, commitment, gentleman and he was a hard worker. I cried when I was reading this book in the first part. About how he was standing by himself it was not easy. His hard work was produced good thing. The main character is also credible because the creator described the main character so clear by his long conversation in every part and conflict.
The explanation of the story by long conversation is really deep. It shows how to make the reader understand the meaning from the creator by the language. It makes the reader feel the sense of every single of the conversation. But I think if the meaning from every character more deep than before it would be great story. The reader would be in era of Majapahit’s Kingdom, for real. But at least this book makes me as a personal reader more interested in Java culture.

Jumat, 15 April 2016

Short Story

Too Perfect To Be A Reality

Sunday morning, I went to my favorite cafe. I drank tea while I was reading my favorite novel “Believe”. I read it part by part. The novel tells about a girl who can do anything in her life, except one thing, she can’t escape from the destiny that she was a dragon. Even though she was a beautiful princess of kingdom, all prince adore her beauty, she was not just beauty outside but she was also had inner beauty. She had beautiful heart. Her name was Princess Batik.
At morning, she went riding in the tea garden that was full of buds of fresh tea leaves, it made the body and soul be calm when we breathe the air, that was far away from “pollution” word. There was a prince who was riding surrounding of buds of tea leaves. Suddenly my horse crassshh, my horse crashed his horse and I fell from my horse. Then the prince turn down from his horse and approached me then he said “Oh sorry, it’s my fault, are you hurt?” then I answered “No, it’s okay, I am fine”
“But your legs are hurt, look it's blooding”
He saved me by took care of my wound.
“It seems like my legs are getting better, thank you but I have to go home now”
Princess Batik went quickly.
“But wait, what’s your name? and where do you live?” the prince shouted.
“My name is Princess Batik and I live behind the hill” Princess Batik replied.
The prince smiled.
After she arrived at the castle in her room, she didn’t change into a dragon, she was still be human. She walked out to saw stars in the sky and says “Oh puppet fairy, is he the solution? Does he the answer of my pray every single day of my life?”.
In the next morning, she went back to the tea garden for riding. After she went around the entire of the tea garden, she met the prince.
“Princess Batik, we meet again”. The prince felt happy.
“Nice to meet you mr…” Princess Batik said.
“I apologize because I didn’t tell my name before”. The prince smiled.
“My name is Prince Wayang from the Kingdom of Angklung”. The prince talked.
“Wow he is a prince” she was saying in her heart.
After they talked for a long time, she asked him “What do you think about dragon?” then he answered, “Dragon is interesting but it’s dangerous”.
“Why” she said.
“Because it can make people around you get hurt”. Prince Wayang replied.
“I am sorry but I have to go” while she was going out.
“Wait! Princess Batik! What’s wrong? Why do you always say those words to me?” but she was keep going to the castle.

At night, she was still be a Princess Batik even what was just happened about Prince Wayang.
She opened the window and said “What happened to me? Why am I still be human? I am a princess not a dragon!”
Then the puppet fairy came with stars around her. She said “Princess Batik, you belong to be a princess not a dragon. Your real enemy is not something else but your enemy is yourself, try to feel yourself, calm yourself down, make yourself believe that you are a princess Batik not somebody else. If you believe, you will be”.
Then she realized that she had to love herself and believe in herself.

I had to pay the bill of tea. I went to home.
After I read that novel,  I keep thinking that I have to love myself and if I believe, I can do it.
When I was at home, I found a letter from Netherland that I got scholarship in Netherland. I was screaming “Oh God, it’s so exciting”.

Two months later.
“Oh God, mom, dad, my little brother, friend, nephew, I get scholarship in Netherland and I am studying in Netherland right now, it’s so exciting, I can’t believe that I’m actually here”.
Two months later.
Well, I met Indonesian man at the campus and we were friend in high school. He was continuing his study to S2 in Netherland. We get closer and closer then we decided to get in seriously relationship. We went to the campus together, we play chess every single day of our life in Netherland.
After we graduated, we went home to our lovely country, Indonesia. Then we got married and lived happily ever after.

Love yourself. Positive mindset. You just have to believe that you can do it.